Former Master Assessor is now a VLEPSC Commissioner!

Sheriff Joe McLaughlin has lived in the county of New Kent Virginia since his early childhood, after graduating from New Kent High School in 1975 Sheriff McLaughlin went on to receive his Bachelor of Science degree in Administration of Justice and Public Safety.  He concentrated in Police Planning and Management and minored in Psychology. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in August of 1980. Shortly thereafter he began his career at New Kent Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff.

His dedication to New Kent County and continuous training with New Kent Sheriff’s Office has allowed him to move up within the department from patrol deputy to the first investigator at New Kent Sheriff’s office in October of 1986. From there he achieved the rank of Lieutenant in June of 1991. In June 1995 he became Captain, June 1998 he obtained position as Lieutenant Colonel/Chief Deputy and took office as Sheriff in January of 2016.JJ.jpg

Sheriff McLaughlin is a certified Accreditation Manager and Master Assessor. As Accreditation Manager Sheriff McLaughlin has seen the New Kent Sheriff’s Office through the department’s initial accreditation assessment in April of 2003 and three reaccreditations. The most recent being March of 2015. In 2009 Sheriff McLaughlin was presented the VLEPSC Executive Board Award. And in October of 2015 Sheriff McLaughlin received the VALEAC Certified Accreditation Professional Program Award (CAP).